Wedding band in the Yorkshire Dales – Yorebridge House

Yorebridge House Hotel

The band recently headed up into the Yorkshire Dales for a wedding at Yorebridge House in Wensleydale. Vicky and Jason had chosen this amazing boutique hotel as the venue for their big day.

This was possibly the wettest weekend of the summer, and the puddles were pretty deep by the time we arrived. However this didn’t dampen the guests spirits! The weather did make an appearance later on in the night too…

We set up in the Orangery, which had some great views out into the surrounding countryside. It always amazes us how many stunning wedding venues Yorkshire has to offer, in so many beautiful locations. But we were on a schedule and didn’t have time to admire the view. it was time to get on with soundcheck.

It’s probably safe to say that when Yorebridge House was built they weren’t planning on rock and roll bands turning up! It’s at this point in the evening that our wealth of experience as a wedding band really counts. Every wedding venue is unique, so you don’t just don’t just set up the same every night. We saw straight away that we needed to really control our volume or risk emptying the room.

Where a less experienced band might not realise this until it is too late, we anticipated it from the off. We’ve got no end of tricks up our sleeve to ensure we aren’t blasting guests away from the party. So, by the time the first dance came around we knew we were on top of things.

Vicky and Jason had chosen ‘Iris’ by Goo Goo Dolls for their first dance. This is a real classic and we were amazed that we’d never been asked to play it before – we thought we’d done it all! In fact, check out our ever expanding playlist of first dances we’ve been asked to perform if you’re looking for inspiration for your first dance.

We really have to give a massive shout out to Kathryn a.k.a Photography by Kathryn. As you’ve probably guessed, she was the photographer! She’d been there for most of the day by the time we’d arrived and she really made us feel welcome, as well as bringing us up to speed on where things were in proceedings. She also takes amazing wedding photos so check out her brilliant portfolio.

As mentioned, the weather made one final appearance at the end of the night… By the time we were heading home the rain had eased off, but it had already done it’s worst. Some seriously flooded roads on the way back made for one of our most memorable journeys of the summer. We even had to stop and make some temporary vehicle repairs in Aysgarth some time around 1am!

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