Looking for inspiration for your First Dance

First dance

There are so many little details that go into a wedding – table plans, venue dressing etc. As a wedding band, one of those little details that we’re most often involved in is the first dance.

At almost every wedding we play it’s down to us to perform the happy couples choice of first dance. To do that, we need them to make a decision and let us know what song to learn. This isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds…

We’ve seen first hand the struggle some couples have agreeing on the song they first want to dance to as a married couple. We’ve even been caught up in a situation where a bride and groom both wanted different songs and neither was ready to compromise!

So, to provide you with some inspiration we’ve pulled together a playlist with every first dance we’ve performed – or at least the ones we can remember. There are some amazing songs on there; every one is special to someone, and some of the choices may surprise you. You can view the playlist here via Spotify. It’s growing all the time too, so keep checking back!

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