So, who are you?

We’re four musicians from York, North Yorkshire. We came together as The Players to entertain audiences at wedding, parties, balls and any event that needs great live music.

We don’t believe that size is important – it’s what you do that counts! As a four-piece band we can cater for smaller, more intimate, events where larger function bands might struggle because of size and cost. But we’re equally at home on big stages.

As The Players we have over 10 years experience of playing weddings, parties and events. Individually, we’ve played every style imaginable, from show tunes to Heavy Metal; and, you can hear us on everything from radio jingles to rock records, and club hits to country albums.

But, right now, we’re The Players, and we’d love to play for you.

How do much The Players charge for a wedding or a function?

That really depends on the details of your event. We try our best to give you a reasonable quote first time – we won’t quote you a ridiculous figure up front and then pretend to negotiate down. Our price will include any travel, accommodation and extra equipment hire that might be required. We won’t spring any hidden extras on you.

Don’t forget, we’re just a four-piece band, so there’s not loads of us to pay. Plus, by booking direct with the band you’re saving anything up to 25% in agents fees. Get in touch and talk to us about your event.

What am I getting for my money?

You’re booking The Players, a four-piece live band – there’s no backing tracks or sequencers involved, we are the real deal. We travel with all our own equipment and, typically, we’ll play for between 90 minutes and two hours and we WILL get your party started.

We provide our own PA and stage lights. Our sound system is suitable for most small and medium-sized events (upto 150 guests). For larger events, or events in unusual venues, please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.

Once you’ve booked us, we’ll speak directly to your venue and sort out the details so you don’t have to worry about us until it’s time to party.

What kind of music do The Players play?

I suppose you’d call it rockpopindiesoulnroll… it’s basically back to back tunes that you and your friends will all know and love. Our set covers the last 50 years (at least!), and every song is a classic.

We go from Elvis to Girls Aloud, and The Beatles to Amy Winehouse. Check out our latest set list to see the range of material we cover. Or, simply get in touch.

Our venue has asked if you are insured and if your equipment has been tested?

We have public liability insurance and all of our electrical equipment has been tested, we can supply all the paperwork your venue needs.

How loud is the band?

We can be as loud or as quiet as you need us to be. We’re used to working in venues with strict volume controls and we’ve never had any problems; but if you want us to turn it up, we’re happy to do that too!

How do I book The Players for my wedding or function?

Just get in touch to discuss your requirements and we’ll put together a proposal, including the price. If you’re happy with that, we’ll send you a contract. Once it’s signed and returned to us with a deposit (typically 10-15% of our fee) then your booking is confirmed.

Can we use your PA system?

It’s not a problem to use our PA for announcements at your event. You can even plug your device into it if you want to play some background music for your guests whilst we’re not playing; but we do ask that you arrange this with us prior to the event.

Unfortunately, we can’t let DJs or other performers use our PA.

It’s our wedding. Can The Players play our first dance?

We’d love too! All we ask is you give us as much notice as possible – if you leave it to less than a month before the event its unlikely we’ll be able to accommodate your request. We’ll give anything a go, but we are a four piece band with female vocals, so there’s little chance of us pulling off a Barry White number!

What does the band need on the night?

We need space to set up – preferably somewhere dry, level and supplied with electricity.

After all that, all we need is an audience…

How long does the band need to set up?

Ideally we need 60-90 minutes to set up. But we can be flexible.

What happens if I need to cancel? Will I be charged a cancellation fee?

We know life doesn’t always go the way you plan – sometimes stuff just gets in the way. Unlike a lot of other bands, we don’t have a sliding scale of penalties or fees. If you need to cancel, it just costs you your deposit (usually 10-15% of our fee). The only exception is if you need to cancel with less than 48 hours notice, then we ask for our fee in full.

If you have any more questions, or if you want to talk to us about your event, please get in touch.

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