Baby I’m Amazed By You – Hornington Manor Wedding

Saturday found us back at Hornington Manor for the second time this month. We were here to perform for Sam and Ben’s wedding. It was great to finally meet our bride and groom after 18 months of planning!

The first thing that struck us as we arrived was how different the venue looked. It had been unseasonably warm earlier in the month and there were a lot of opportunities to make good use of the brilliant outdoor space at Hornington. Now it was very much autumn and everything was happening indoors!

The set up inside the venue was different to. The are where we set up was screened off whilst guests ate, so we were able to set up in the early evening as opposed to arriving during the day. This is one of the best things about independent venues like Hornington Manor – things are usually much more flexible and allow couples a chance to stamp their own personality on things. More corporate venues can sometimes slip into a cookie cutter approach to events and simply provide set packages.

With such a familiar venue to work with , we were set up in under an hour and ready to go as the screens were removed and the evening guests arrived. Sam and Ben had asked us to learn ‘Amazed’ by Lonestar for their first dance – unknown to their guests, they had rehearsed a full dance routine to accompany it!

We played a laid back first set whilst the guests mingled and chatted, but we cranked things up for the last two sets. We drew on the poppier end of our set list, and threw in some party classics too! We were also providing our free ‘iPod DJ’ service to keep the party going whilst we weren’t playing.

This was our last visit to Hornington Manor for 2017, but we’re already looking forward to coming back in 2018!


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