Yorkshire Wolds Wedding

We headed back out into the glorious Yorkshire countryside recently for Claire and Peter’s wedding at Wold Top Brewery. This was a new venue for us and we really didn’t know what to expect as we pulled up. At first we thought we’d taken a wrong turn as we couldn’t see the marquee we were performing in. It wasn’t until we were met by the amazingly friendly team at Wold Top that we found out the marquee was actually inside one of the large brewery sheds!

There are some stunning views across the Yorkshire Wolds all over the venue – or Hunmanby Grange to give it it’s full title – but we didn’t have time to stand around and admire the scenery, we had a wedding to prepare for! We had the luxury of setting up in a separate part of the marquee away from the guests, so we were able to get ourselves sorted with the minimum of disruption to the wedding party.

Claire and Peter had chosen ‘end of the line’ by Travelling Wilburys for their first dance. This was a really fun and upbeat number to play, and everyone soon joined the happy couple on the dance floor. We often say that you can get an idea for what the rest of the night is going to be like within the first few numbers, and it was certainly the case here. We were lucky to have an occupied (and enthusiastic) dance floor all the way through our three sets.


Our ‘iPod DJ’ took over whilst we weren’t performing and it did an admirable job of keeping the dancers busy. This is a standard part of what we offer all clients and it’s an excellent alternative to hiring a separate DJ in terms of both space and costs.

Come midnight everything came to an end and the guests began to depart. After a quick pack up we were on our way too and had the most challenging part of the night – the drive home! The weather decided to turn and we found ourselves inching back down to the main road home to York in the face of horizontal sleet. It’s not all glamour!

Finally, we really can’t talk about this wedding without mentioning Anne and her fantastic team at the venue. They took such good care of us that we felt like we were guests! Their warm welcome (and amazing organisational skills!) coupled with Claire and Peter’s wonderful guests really made this a hugely memorable night for us.


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