Hornington Manor Wedding

Hornington Manor Barn Wedding

After more than eight years of playing weddings we do often find ourselves back at familiar venues, and sometimes we do think that we’ve seen it all. Our visit to Hornington Manor for Angela and Toby’s wedding was one of those amazing reminders that there’s always something new to see and enjoy.

Situated close to Tadcaster, Hornington Manor is just a 20 minute drive from our base in York, so we were amazed that we’d never played there before. The venue itself is amazing, with a wonderful mixture of indoor and outdoor spaces. We were setting up one of the best converted barns we’ve ever played in. Not only did it look stunning but it’s shape and mix of materials meant it sounded fabulous too. Always a bonus for us!

Hornington Manor Wedding

Angela and Toby had booked us at just seven weeks’ notice so there was a lot to sort in a short space of time. We needed to be set up and sound checked for 2pm, prior to the guests arrival. We also found ourselves having an impromptu rehearsal at the same time as they hadn’t decided on a first dance until we arrived. Luckily, after a couple of runs through we were ok. Throughout all of this, Jo and her team were making the final arrangements for the outdoors ceremony and generally taking good care of the happy couple and all of us too!

We kicked the night off with the hastily rehearsed first dance – Ho Hey by The Lumineers – and then went straight into  the upbeat numbers. This was an all ages and very international crowd, with guests from as far afield as Houston, Texas and New Zealand. To make sure we got them all dancing we spread our net wide. This is where having a large and varied repertoire comes in very handy.

This was a great night at a superb venue. We were so happy that Angela, Toby and all of their guests had such a great time and were so up for having fun with us. It was also great to meet such a friendly and relaxed team at the venue. We really can’t wait to come back.

Hornington Manor Wedding

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