Clay House Halifax

Whilst the Royal Wedding had the world’s attention, we took a trip down the M1 to another very special day in an amazing historic venue. We were performing at Natalie and Rob’s wedding which was taking place at Clay House in West Vale near Halifax. The venue looked amazing as we arrived in the sunshine.Continue reading “Clay House Halifax”

It was your heart on the line – Wedding at the Met Hotel in Leeds

We made our first visit to the Met Hotel in Leeds recently for Leon and Rachel’s wedding celebrations. We had a great time with them and their family and friends. We set up in the hotel’s magnificent ballroom which was a real contrast to the country weddings we’ve recently been performing at. Our first setContinue reading “It was your heart on the line – Wedding at the Met Hotel in Leeds”

Monastery Of Sound

It’s fair to say that we play in some unusual places. Over the years we’ve performed in castles, country houses, medieval halls, marquees, back gardens, front rooms, boat yards and windmills – but we’ve never played in a working monastery before. That is, until now. Tracey and Paul asked us to help them and theirContinue reading “Monastery Of Sound”