Live Band for a Wootton Hall Barn Wedding

The band recently performed at Lucy and Tim’s wedding at Wootton Hall in Lincolnshire. We had a – relatively – short hop over the Humber Bridge and we’re soon setting up in the venue’s amazing barn conversion.

To be honest, the word barn doesn’t do it justice. You should check out their website to see everything it has to offer. It was definitely one of the best (and friendliest) we’ve performed at.

Show time, and the first dance, came around quickly and pretty soon the party was in full swing. Over the years we’ve found there’s always a risk of pushing the crowd away after the excitement of the first few numbers – either through volume or poor song choice. We have the experience to balance both and keep the dance floor going all night!

Whilst we weren’t performing our happy couple had pulled together some personalised playlists to ensure they just heard the music they wanted to. This is a great touch and super easy to organise – there was even a bit of last minute swapping thanks to the venue’s WiFi!

This was a fantastic wedding at an amazing venue, and despite getting lost on the way home, we hope to be back soon. Congratulations Lucy and Tim.

Thinking of a live band for your wedding? Why not get in touch to see what we have to offer.

Not just a wedding band… we do parties too!

The last few months have been party-time for our little band from York. In and around the usual summer rush of weddings we’ve been helping people celebrate some big – and often quite delayed – birthdays.

We visited the very wonderful Villa Farm near York to help the equally wonderful Tracy celebrate a big birthday (we’re not telling how big). It was a year later than planned but everyone was keen to make up for lost time!

This was one of those great gatherings of friends and family and it was obvious from people arriving that we were going to have a good night! We were also able to shape our playlists for between sets to make sure every bit of music meant something for our birthday girl and her guests.

More recently, we made the short journey up the road to Tadcaster to play for Louise and her much-delayed celebration. And again, we were lucky to perform for another crowd who were ready to make up for the two-year wait!

In the run up to the event we’d worked closely with Louise to ensure our performance really got the party started. Judging by the dance floor we did exactly that! It’s always really satisfying to see that level of planning pay off.

If you’re planning a celebration of any sort and you’re interested in live music just get in touch and we can talk about what we can do to help your party go with a bang.

Yorkshire Wedding Band at Thief Hall

The band headed to Thief Hall recently for Steph and Michael’s wedding. It was a special night as this was our first wedding in over 18 months that hadn’t been rearranged at least once. Plus, this particular little bit of Yorkshire was new to us – and we love to see different venues!

After receiving one of the friendliest welcomes we’ve had from any venue we quickly got to work loading in and setting up. Thief Hall is a really flexible venue with different spaces, so we were able to get sorted without disturbing proceedings too much.

It was soon time for the first dance and then straight into the first of our three sets. We always try to adapt what we’re playing to the audience rather than simply coming out a doing the same set every night. When we started there was a range of ages in the crowd, so we mixed up the decades to make sure everyone heard something they could dance to.

As the night went on the party just kept going so we were pulling out the big numbers all the way through the last set. We even got a few crowd singalongs! We loved our time at Thief Hall, and it was so great to celebrate Steph and Michael’s big day with them.

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