Live Band for a Wootton Hall Barn Wedding

The band recently performed at Lucy and Tim’s wedding at Wootton Hall in Lincolnshire. We had a – relatively – short hop over the Humber Bridge and we’re soon setting up in the venue’s amazing barn conversion.

To be honest, the word barn doesn’t do it justice. You should check out their website to see everything it has to offer. It was definitely one of the best (and friendliest) we’ve performed at.

Show time, and the first dance, came around quickly and pretty soon the party was in full swing. Over the years we’ve found there’s always a risk of pushing the crowd away after the excitement of the first few numbers – either through volume or poor song choice. We have the experience to balance both and keep the dance floor going all night!

Whilst we weren’t performing our happy couple had pulled together some personalised playlists to ensure they just heard the music they wanted to. This is a great touch and super easy to organise – there was even a bit of last minute swapping thanks to the venue’s WiFi!

This was a fantastic wedding at an amazing venue, and despite getting lost on the way home, we hope to be back soon. Congratulations Lucy and Tim.

Thinking of a live band for your wedding? Why not get in touch to see what we have to offer.

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