The Ocean Room, Scarborough Spa

Scarborough Spa

We were at Scarborough Spa recently to perform for the Society for Radiological Protection as part of their annual conference. This was a big event, with over 300 guests sitting down to dinner and an awards ceremony – followed by us!

Given the size of the room and the number of guests we decided to bring some friends along in the shape of the crew from JSS Audio in York. They took care of the sound for us. We’ve got a long history with these guys which is invaluable when our clients expect a well organised and smoothly run event.

Scarborough Spa Ocean Room Tables and Chairs

It’s at moments like these that our size and experience is a benefit. There was a tight turnaround between the end of the day’s conferencing and the start of the meal . With a professional crew and a four piece line up we stayed well ahead of schedule.

Timings for the night remained flexible, after the awards it was nearly 11pm when we hit the stage. There was still plenty of life in the guests though. We were even treated to one of the largest conga lines we’ve seen in quite a while!

Midnight came around quickly and all that was left for us to do was get everything in the lift to the ground floor – we were very thankful that was working – and take one last look at the sea before heading back home!

Scarborough Spa Exterior

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