A York wedding at The Hospitium

Jen and Paul were married at The Hospitium in York recently. This venue is a real home from home for us, it’s one of the first we ever performed at as The Players and since then we’ve been back at least a couple of times a year. It’s an amazing space.

Given the age of the building and it’s proximity to a residential area bands do have to take care with their volume here. We’ve never had a problem adjusting our sound levels, but it still amazes us how many horror stories we hear of bands being unable or unwilling to turn down! That’s not us! We’d never jeopardise someone’s special day by refusing to co-operate with the venue.

Jen and Paul’s guests were definitely in the mood for a party, and there was a great atmosphere from the off. We made a few changes to the set on the fly just to keep people dancing and the ‘iPod DJ’ kept everyone on their toes whilst we weren’t performing.

Special mention needs to be made for Ben Jenkins who was the photographer for the day. This was the first time we’d met him and he was a great guy, who also takes amazing photos! Check out some of the shots below!

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