Our most popular wedding blogs of 2015

As a band we love sharing our stories about the many amazing weddings we get to perform at, and it certainly seems like a lot of you enjoy reading about them too! We wanted to share with you our most popular wedding blogs (in terms of readers) from the last 12 months.

There are some striking similarities between all three. Firstly, they’re all in Yorkshire – hardly surprising given where we’re based. Secondly, they all took place at independent venues, showing just how many great suppliers the county has to offer; and, finally, all three were out in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. We don’t claim to be able to spot wedding trends, but these definitely look like the ingredients for a great wedding to us!

So, in no particular order, here our are top three…

A great Yorkshire barn wedding. January


Our first wedding of the year at one of our favourite venues, Barmbyfield Barn. This is a great place for a really funky DIY wedding.

I’ll be there for you, Sandburn Hall. July


Another favourite, and somewhere we perform at regularly. But this wedding showed us a completely different side to the venue and it’s amazing use of space and light. Probably the loudest crowd of the summer too…

Skipbridge Country Weddings, York. September

Wedding Band Skipbridge Yorkshire

This was a new venue for us and we were blown away by how unique and interesting it was. There was even room for a fish and chip van!

And that was 2015. We can’t wait for 2016 to bring you more of our adventures.

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