A Very Big House In The Country – Hackness Grange

It’s been a busy summer for us already, and this year has been notable for the number of city centre gigs we’ve been playing. We think we’ve covered nearly every venue in York and Leeds since the start of May!

So it was a great treat to play out in the countryside this weekend for Melissa and Martin’s wedding at Hackness Grange near Scarborough.

However, before that, we played for Helen and Andrew at the Hospitium in York. This venue is one of the very first places we played when we were starting out and it is one of our favourites. It’s rare for a summer to go by without us paying it a visit.

We had a great time with the happy couple and their friends and family. We’d worked with them to learn a few additional requests to make our set extra unique and special to them.

Hackness Grange Hotel

Saturday saw our return to Hackness; we’d been the very first wedding band to play there back in May and it was great to come back to see Joe and his team once again. It’s one of our favourite rooms to perform in, and the setting really tops everything off.

From the moment we arrived, it was clear that Martin and Melissa’s guests were determined to celebrate their wedding with genuine enthusiasm and happiness. This helped us deliver a cracking set with the dance floor fit to burst at several points in the evening!

Hackness is quickly becoming one of our favourite venues and we can’t wait to come back!

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