Wedding Gig at the Royal York Hotel, York

We were able to enjoy a hometown gig this weekend as we helped the new Mr and Mrs Ellis celebrate their wedding at the Royal York Hotel.


The Royal York’s events centre is a room we’ve played in many times before, so we were able to make light work of the set up and soundcheck. The happy couple had decided to provide their own music rather than hire a DJ or use our ‘iPod DJ’, so there was a crash course in using their music player before we hooked it up to our PA and headed for the dressing room.


The first dance was ‘Beautiful War’ by the Kings of Leon, which we quickly followed with ‘Pencil Full of Lead’ by Paulo Nutini – this was another request from the bride and groom and featured the first (and probably last) kazoo solo we’ve ever performed!

Our two sets seemed to go by in a flash, and we ended the night with a full dance floor and lots of happy faces. It was lovely to play to such a great crowd,  and a real treat to only have a ten minute drive home!

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