In An English Country Garden

For us, one of the great joys of summertime – apart from seeing so many happy couples – is the opportunity to play outside. So last weekend, as summertime got well underway, we played our first outdoor show of the year for Janet to celebrate her birthday.

What made this extra special was, Janet was holding her birthday party in her own garden. So it was just us, her friends and family, and the glorious sunshine.


Most of our shows are in commercial venues –  many are unique, and all of them are special on that day – but the few times each year that someone asks us into their home to perform are always ones to remember. We had a fantastic time and Janet and her guests were the perfect audience.




Finally, we have to mention Happy Hogs Catering who kept us well fed and watered. As soon as we’d set up they wanted to feed us, and as soon as we’d finished playing they were offering us drinks – it’s something we could easily get used to!



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