Back to the woodshed

So, here we are. It’s January. Everyone’s broke and everyone’s stopping in – right? Well…

We’re having a very hectic January. We’ve played some great new places to a lot of very lovely people; as well as playing some of our familiar and favourite venues. It’s like Christmas kept going!

However, as February draws near, we’re hoping to take some time to get into our rehearsal room and give our set list a spring clean. We do this every year around this time, using a couple of the quieter months to ring the changes in our song list and retire a few numbers whilst bringing in some others.

Playing a lot of weddings and parties means we try to keep a good selection of ‘classic’ tracks in our set to ensure we can get any room dancing. So, this year, we thought we’d focus specifically on that type of song. There’s a few examples below, if you think of any more why not get in touch?

Don’t forget, if you want The Players to perform at your wedding or event, we can can also learn specific songs especially for you.

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