How much does a wedding band cost?

So, how much does a wedding band cost? It’s a question we get asked all the time, and it’s one that’s quite hard to answer as most bands are often coy about what they charge. Given the huge number of bands of different sizes and set ups it’s hard to identify a ‘going rate’ for aContinue reading “How much does a wedding band cost?”

Choosing live music for your wedding

Once you’ve made the decision to have live music at your wedding the next challenge is to make sense of the huge array of choices available. There are so many styles of music and types of performer to choose from it is difficult to know where to start. This is a quick guide to untanglingContinue reading “Choosing live music for your wedding”

Why have live music at your wedding?

Everyone wants their wedding day to be a truly special and unique event; and, with the huge range of independent suppliers that can provide you with everything from custom jewellery to bridal wear and stationery to table settings, it’s never been easier to create your perfect, personalised, day. One great way to make your bigContinue reading “Why have live music at your wedding?”