Why have live music at your wedding?


Everyone wants their wedding day to be a truly special and unique event; and, with the huge range of independent suppliers that can provide you with everything from custom jewellery to bridal wear and stationery to table settings, it’s never been easier to create your perfect, personalised, day.

One great way to make your big day unique is to include live music. As any musician will tell, no two performances are the same; a good musician (or band of musicians) will feed off the audience’s reaction and shape their performance to keep everyone on their feet. It’s this human interaction that makes each performance unique. What they do for you, they won’t do for anyone else.

But how else can live music make your special day special to you?

Well, most bands are happy to learn requests ahead of your event, so you can hear the music that’s most important to you. Also, any decent wedding band will have a large repertoire of songs (set list) that they draw on for each performance, and they should be happy to share this with you so you can choose which songs you want (and which you don’t want) to hear on your night. However, a word of advice would be not to try to write the bands set for them – they’re professionals and they know how to put a set together!

Also, you don’t need to view live music as an extension of the DJ. Live music can really enhance your ceremony, and a chilled out ‘unplugged’ style set is a great way to get your guests in the mood either as part of dinner or as your evening reception gets underway.

There are some truly wonderful bands and performers out there, and some seriously talented musicians. Why not let them help make your day strike a chord with everyone?

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