The Players Party Band in Leeds

We were in party band mode in Leeds recently. This was Rebecca’s much delayed big birthday bash that was supposed to happen in 2020. She’d hired us back in late 2019, nearly two years before we got to play the actual gig!

We were at a venue we hadn’t visited before, The Mansion at Roundhay. The guys from Dine Venues who run the venue had been super helpful in the lead up to the party so we knew exactly what we were doing as soon as we arrived. After quite a few flights of stairs we were inside and all set up.

The event had been meticulously planned and we were very well cared for whilst we were waiting to play. It took a lot of willpower not to completely indulge ourselves, but we didn’t want to be too stuffed whilst trying to perform…

Showtime came and we were treated to some amazing performances on the dance floor. It turned out several of the birthday girls guests were pro and semi-pro dancers so their moves were better than ours! It has to be the first time we’ve seen guests pasodoble to a White Stripes number!

We had a wonderful night, and we were so glad we were finally able to celebrate Rebecca’s birthday in style.

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