North Yorkshire Barn Wedding

Our little wedding band from York were the live music for Kat and Alistair’s big day in Bransdale, North Yorkshire at the start of August. This was the third date for their wedding after the first two were scuppered by the pandemic, and it was our first show of any kind since March 2020. It was great to finally get back on the road, and to meet our couple and their friends and family!

The reception was taking place on our bride’s family farm and we were performing in the amazingly decorated (and repurposed!) barn. It was also the room where the guests were eating and the speeches were taking place so we had to be extra quiet loading in so as not to disturb proceedings.

Yorkshire barn wedding

This is one of the interesting aspects of being a wedding band – you never really know what sort of room you’re going to be setting up in. This time it was a barn, another time it could be a marquee, or a room in a country house, or somewhere entirely different. One thing they often have in common is they were never designed to hold a live band! Luckily, our years of wedding experience really help here and, where some bands might struggle, we know what to do to get the best out of the room.

Showtime came quickly and we started the night with our couple’s first dance – ‘Amazed’ by Lonestar – and then it was straight into the party! We didn’t know how people would react to live music after nearly 18 months away from it, but we didn’t have to worry – the floor was packed. it was clear that everyone was here to celebrate and give Kat and Alistair the best party ever.

Dancers at a wedding

As always we made sure we mixed up the set list with plenty of old and new to keep things interesting and to appeal to as many of the guests as possible. There was a real buzz on the dance floor all night and guests of all ages (and sizes!) getting up to strut their stuff. We even had then hanging from the rafters at one point!

We were also able to let our couple choose their own music for between sets to keep the party going. This is something we offer to all of our couples and we’re seeing more and more of them take up that option. Kat and Alistair were able to included songs that were special to them and their guests which really added another dimension to the evening (and some of the dancing)!

It was great to be back out doing what we love and helping our brides and grooms to have the best night ever. It was even a nice change to get home at 3am – in a strange way we’ve actually missed that part too!

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Fairy lights at a wedding in a barn
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