Winter wedding in Yorkshire

Hornington Manor Winter Wedding

We were back at one of our favourite Yorkshire wedding venues recently. Christine and Richard had asked the band to play for them at Hornington Manor, an amazing venue at Bolton Percy between York and Tadcaster. It was only a few days ahead of Valentine’s Day so the atmosphere was just that little bit more romantic and the setting made it all the more special.

The barn at Hornington Manor is a really flexible space, and unlike a lot of similar venues we were able to load in and set up whilst the guests were finishing their meal without them being disturbed. We were so quiet that Simon at the venue came looking for us at one point as he was worried we hadn’t arrived!

It’s not all fun and games being in a wedding band and one of the hardest parts of the job is being hard at work in close proximity to a lot a truly amazing food. I know. Terrible, isn’t it?

As we were loading in the guys from Pizza Loco were firing up their oven and preparing some amazing pizzas for the guests. We were just hoping there were some left by the time we had a break! Luckily enough we managed to grab one to share and they definitely tasted as good as the looked.

Evening guests were still arriving and mingling as we started our first set, so instead of doing what a less experienced band would have done and plough straight into a rocking set, we kept things mid-paced and at a reasonable volume to start with. This meant we had a respectable crowd on the dance floor and other guests were able to talk and catch up with each other all over the venue rather than being driven to the opposite end of the room from the band.

For the second half we pulled out the big guns, plus a few new songs that we’ve introduced to the set this year. By this point in the night everyone was up for a party and we didn’t have to hold back! Christine and Richard kept up the party after we’d finished with their own mini rave – including glow sticks, whistles and day-glo paint!

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