Yorkshire country wedding

The band recently had the pleasure of playing for Jane and Ken when they celebrated their wedding with friends and family in the beautiful village of Bulmer in North Yorkshire.

In our experience there’s not much that beats a wedding out in the Yorkshire countryside. Amazing locations, stunning views and some of the best wedding suppliers in the country make it a superb place to get hitched and have a party. But if that Yorkshire country wedding also happens to be in a marquee, then you’ve pretty much knocked it out of the park in our opinion.

That’s exactly what we got when we arrived at our happy couples home, which was also acting as the venue for the evening. The actual wedding ceremony had taken place some weeks before and this was a big party to celebrate. The good people at Poppy Caterers and Marquees had done an amazing job of erecting a marquee in the back garden with some breathtaking views over the Howardian Hills and over to York in the distance.

Jane and Ken had plenty of guest to help them with their celebrations, so we needed to be flexible and wait until the meal was over before finishing our set up. Once everyone had eaten, a few tables we’re moved and we were able to finish up. This is one of the benefits of being a small band – there’s only four of us so we don’t take up a great deal of space, plus we’re able to set up relatively quickly if we need to.

Our flexibility also helped us out once show time came around. As with most weddings, we’d planned a set that catered for all ages and tastes – but as we started playing it was clear that the guests were really into the 60s and 70s songs. We were able to swap our set around as we went along to ensure we played what they really wanted to hear!

We’re really lucky to be able to play for such lovely people in such unique surroundings. What’s even better is we get to do this every week!

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