I’ll be there for you – wedding at Sandburn Hall, York.

We made a welcome return to one of our favourite York wedding venues recently when we played for Helen and Craig at Sandburn Hall near Flaxton. The whole band loves the mix of old and new that the venue has to offer, as well as the great team at Sandburn who are always a pleasure to work with.

Our first challenge was getting to the venue as York races were on and traffic in the city was pretty heavy. This is where a bit of local knowledge comes in handy – we already knew to factor in some extra journey time, and we took every short cut and back road we could think of. As always, we made it to the wedding on time!

Helen and Craig then threw us a curveball by changing the room layout and asking us to set up in a different part of the room to where we’d normally play. Naturally, this wasn’t a problem for us and the different set up created an amazing space for a party. Once we were set up Tom hit the DJ decks and started warming the crowd up while the rest of us finished getting ready for our performance.


It was a hot night, so we were concerned that the crowd might choose to stay outside rather than join in the celebrations – but we couldn’t have been more wrong, and It seemed like everyone came inside as soon as we started playing! Instead of performing their first dance, Helen and Craig had asked us to learn “I’ll be there for you” by The Rembrandts and drop that in to our set. This is a really upbeat number and it packed out the dance floor.


Tom kept the party going until the very end with our wedding DJ service. This is a great add on to our standard service that’s been very popular with brides and grooms this summer. Integrating the band and the DJ means no struggling for space with two lots of equipment, no song duplication between sets, and it’s far more cost effective than hiring two different suppliers.

Thankfully, by the time we left the race traffic was long gone so the drive home went without incident or delay. We were home an unpacked by a very civilised 1am, which has been a rare occurrence this summer!


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