Way Out In The Country. The Players at Barmbyfield Barn

One of the most interesting aspects of being in a wedding band is the amount of places you get to go, and the different locations you perform. We had a real weekend of contrasts recently, moving from an historic city centre venue one night to a funky DIY wedding in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside the next.

Our weekend started at the Merchant Adventurers Hall in York. We’ve played at this venue many times before but it never ceases to amaze us how a few steps off a busy shopping street can take you back in time over 500 years. It was a cracking night – so much so, we forget to take any pictures!

Saturday found us at a venue we’ve never visited before – Barmbyfield Barn in Yorkshire’s East Riding. Meg and Kev had invited us to be part of their day, and entertain them and their guests.


To say the venue is a well kept secret is a bit of an understatement – it doesn’t even have a website at present. We even had to call the farmer for directions! **UPDATE** – now they do have a website, it’s: http://www.barmbyfieldbarns.co.uk/ 


As the name implies, the venue is a converted barn – or rather a series if barns – forming a unique and character-packed place for a celebration. The barn can be hired as a ‘blanks canvas’ which allows couples to really put their own stamp on things. We had a great time chatting to Billy the owner about all the different things couples had done with the venue over the summer.


Meg and Kev had asked us to set up for early afternoon, so instead of the usual post-soundcheck rush to get changed we were able to take things easy for a few hours.

Showtime came around soon enough though, and we started with Meg and Kev’s request for their first dance – ‘Ho Hey’ by The Lumineers. They had asked us to make sure we played plenty of indie and pop, so our set covered everything from The Killers to Girls Aloud and most points in between.

We had another great night, with everyone on the dancefloor for the last few songs. It was a real pleasure to play for Meg and Kev, and all of their friends and family; and it was a real pleasure to play in such a unique and friendly venue. We can’t wait to come back.

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