A Million Love Songs… but which one?

Hello everyone!

We’re back from our holidays and gearing up for the start of wedding season. It seems to start earlier and earlier each year! And, this year we need your help… read on.

It’s an annual tradition of ours that we spend the first few months of each year going over our set and giving it a spring clean. This means that some songs are put out to pasture and, more excitingly, we get to learn a load of new tunes to play to all the happy couples and guests that we will have the pleasure of performing for over the coming 12 months.

This year is no exception and, after a few arguments in January, we have spent the last month or so rehearsing up a load of new material. We are really excited about how it is all sounding, and we are going to start previewing the new songs at our monthly residency at the Old White Swan in York.

But, the whole process got us wondering – what are the songs that a guaranteed to fill every wedding dance floor? What are the tunes that will get every guest moving – regardless of age, ability, or sobriety!? We think we have identified a few below – don’t forget, we have been to quite a few of these things over the years – but we want to know what YOU think. What would make you and your guests shake a tail feather?

Post your answers below, or you can post them to our Facebook page, or even Tweet them. Let’s get a party started!

Our top three:

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